Everly Brothers - The Songs Of The Everly Brothers

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For the first time on vinyl, The Songs of the Everly Brothers features 36 amazing Everly-composed selections, recorded as publishing demos during the Brothers' tenure at Cadence Records. At the peak of their abilities both as performers and writers, most tracks feature only the Everly's voices and guitars. Hear familiar songs like "Maybe Tomorrow" and "When Will I Be Loved" near their genesis, along with many other strong works in the sweet romantic style in which the brothers specialized.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Sundazed in 2016. 


1. Life Ain't Worth Living
2. Give Me A Future
3. That's Too Good To Be True
4. Should We Tell Him
5. How Did We Stay Together
6. Maybe Tomorrow
7. I Didn't Mean To Go This Far
8. I Wonder If I Care As Much
9. I'll Throw Myself At You
10. It's Too Late To Say Goodbye
11. All I Ask of Life
12. Kiss Me Once
13. Made To Love
14. Dancing On My Feet
15. Since You Broke My Heart
16. When Will I Be Loved
17. Do You Love Me
18. Will I Ever Have A Change Again
19. Give Me A Future
20. Maybe Tomorrow
21. How Did We Stay Together
22. You're The One
23. Who's To Be the One
24. Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
25. I'm Gonna Make Real Sure
26. Her Love Was Meant For Me
27. Since You Broke My Heart
28. I'll Bide My Time
29. Turned Down
30. Captain, Captain
31. Oh, What A Feeling
32. I'm Tired of Singing
33. Only Me
34. You Can Fly
35. Hello Amy
36. It's All Over

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