FKA Twigs - EP2

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The second EP for FKA Twigs finds the young London-based musician exploring realms of leftfield R&B with a futurist edge. The word "trip-hop" doesn't get thrown around a lot these days, but while listening to EP2, fans can't help but recall the dark, yet seductive moods of artists like Tricky, Massive Attack, Bjork, or Portishead. This is not a bad thing by any means, as Twigs is able to take these styles and completely flip them with help of Kanye collaborator and Yeezus producer Arca who creates dense sonic atmospheres that paint the perfect backdrop for her incredible vocal talents. Includes "How's That," "Papi Pacify," "Water Me," and "Ultraviolet" - each of which casts a spell that warrants repeat listens.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Young Turks in 2013.


  1. How's That
  2. Papi Pacify
  3. Water Me
  4. Ultraviolet


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