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On their 4th studio album What Went Down, Foals have mastered an arena-funk hybrid that others have only touched on. Unlike Foals’ two previous albums, What Went Down does not require a drawn-out introduction to explain its intentions.

By 2013's Holy Fire, Foals were a legitimate arena act and acted like they've been there before, hence, the four-minute, crowd-stoking "Prelude". At this point, Foals have nothing left to prove. They are a big-ticket rock band until further notice, so the opening title track of What Went Down gets right to it with blunt-force, pitch-shifted riffs and Yannis Philippakis promising that you’re gonna hype him up and make him catch a body like that: "So don’t step to me kid, you’ll never be found".

The record features the singles "What Went Down", "Mountain At My Gates", "Give It All" and "Birch Tree".

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