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On September 25th, 1979 Gang Of Four released their debut LP Entertainment!, a highly influential post-punk record that incorporates funk, dance music, reggae, and dub, with lyrics that permeates with left-wing ideology critical of capitalism, war, and the their alienating effects on society, while being influenced by the Situationist and feminist movements. The record remains highly influential even four decades later. For the first time, a band wedded punk's angry energy to funk's propulsive beats.

The album featured the band’s first two singles “Damaged Goods”, a Marxist critique of the transactional nature of everyday life, including romance and sexuality, illustrated through a breakup.

The album’s second single, “At Home, He’s A Tourist”, is quite possibly a feminist song from both a male and female perspective about the alienation from the pressures of societal expectations and gender roles.

The album’s cover artwork was designed by singer Jon King and guitarist Andy Gill.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Parlophone Records in 2014. Includes lyrics on printed inner sleeve..

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