Gord Downie - Coke Machine Glow (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition) [3LP]


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Originally released in 2001, Coke Machine Glow was Gord Downie's first solo album away from The Tragically Hip. The record is an ambitious, singular, highly collaborative collection of songs that showcases the iconic frontman's peerless lyricism, vivid storytelling, and irrepressible knack for melody.

To celebrate the album's 20th anniversary, Arts & Crafts have given fans this expanded triple-vinyl version featuring Songwriters' Cabal: a bonus disc of unreleased tracks, alternate takes, demos, and kitchen table recordings from 1999-2000. The 28-song collection presents a portrait of Downie with a rarely before heard intimacy, unrefined and dripping in the aura of the moment.

Alternate studio takes of favourites like "Vancouver Divorce" and "Lofty Pines" express the fluidity of the band that comprised the Gas Station recording sessions; while home recordings of perennial favourites like "SF Song," "Trick Rider," and "Chancellor," spotlight Gord in close communion with his tape recorder and coffee machine. P

roduced by GD, Josh Finlayson, and Steven Drake, featuring Dale Morningstar, Julie Doiron, Kevin Hearn, Atom Egoyan, Dave Clark, Don Kerr, and more, Coke Machine Glow: Songwriters' Cabal is a document of Gord at the precipice of his illustrious solo career, stepping to the mic – voice tinkling like a chandelier – with everything and nothing before him to prove. 

Exclusive 20th Anniversary triple vinyl edition produced by Arts & Crafts Recordings in 2022. Hand-numbered limited edition one-time pressing of 2000 units. Includes Audiobook CD insert, with Coke Machine Glow poetry read by family and friends. Housed in triple-gatefold jacket, with embossed printing and matte flood finish, printed inner sleeves, paintings by Willo Downie, liner notes by Josh Finlayson, and 16-page booklet featuring Gord's handwritten lyrics.



1. Starpainters
2. Vancouver Divorce
3. SF Song
4. Trick Rider


1. Canada Geese
2. Chancellor
3. The Never-Ending Present
4. Nothing But Heartache in Your Social Life


1. Blackflies
2. Lofty Pines
3. Boy Bruised By Butterfly Chase
4. Mystery


1. Elaborate
2. Yer Possessed
3. Every Irrelevance
4. Insomniacs of the World, Good Night


1. Vancouver Divorce - Alternate Take
2. Trick Rider - Demo
3. SF Song - Demo
4. Contact - Demo
5. Down Down Down - Demo
6. Putting Down - Demo


1. Chancellor - Demo
2. The Never-Ending Present - Demo
3. I Stand Before the Songwriters' Cabal - Outtake
4. Contact - Outtake
5. Mystery - Alternate Take
6. Lofty Pines - Alternate Take


The first-ever Coke Machine Glow audiobook, a complete reading of Downie’s original book of poetry by family members, band members, and friends, like Sarah Harmer, Dan Aykroyd, Ron MacLean, Bruce McCulloch, Don Kerr, and many more, produced by Patrick Downie.

1. Introduction
2. How It All Works
3. A Drop of Audience
4. Every Irrelevance
5. Snowy Lambeau
6. Outro

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