Tragically Hip - Saskadelphia (Silver Vinyl)

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Saskadelphia was the working title for an intended Tragically Hip double album release of Road Apples. It spoke the amount of live shows the band were doing at the time - they never knew if they were going to be in Saskatchewan or Philadelphia.

Road Apples became the album title, after pressure from the record company that Saskadelphia was a little too Canadian. Saskadelphia features all previously unreleased tracks recorded at Kingsway Studios in New Orleans in the Fall of 1990 & was produced by Don Smith. The band thought these tapes were lost in the 2008 fire in the backlot of Universal Studios.

We felt we must have lost something too,” says drummer Johnny Fay, “so, we began asking questions and eventually found our boxes of two-inch tapes with no labels. It became like a forensic process, looking for the handwriting of engineers we had worked with, like Bruce Barris or Mark Vreeken.

As it turned out, all of The Tragically Hip’s materials had been relocated to Canada in 2001, and so in summer 2020, these abandoned souvenirs from the past were opened, revealing tapes.

We knew we had a lot to look for because we recorded a lot back then. We didn’t know what was there,” Fay adds, “so this meant baking them and listening to them as they were being transferred, hearing them for the first time in 30 years. It was crazy.

Heavyweight SILVER vinyl produced by Universal Music in 2021.


1. Ouch

2. Not Necessary

3. Montreal (Live from The Molson Centre, Montreal 12/07/00)

4. Crack My Spine Like A Whip 

5. Just As Well

6. Reformed Baptist Blues

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