HAIM - Something To Tell You

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Something to Tell You—released exactly 10 years on from Haim’s first show together (not including their childhood oldies cover band Rockenhaim)—does not radically depart from their taut and gleaming debut, Days Are Gone. But there’s still nothing like Haim around. No other band in modern popular music has mixed styles so seamlessly—rattling and gliding from one hook to another—so as to garner a remix from Giorgio Moroder, a feature from A$AP Ferg, an onstage jam with Jenny Lewis, and an opening tour slot for Taylor Swift. Haim’s music is the distinct result of a band schooled by their parents on Motown and funk while TLC was on Top 40, fronted by Danielle, whose formative experiences included sneaking out to Rilo Kiley gigs.

Heavyweight double vinyl pressed by Columbia Records.

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