Hans Zimmer - Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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Interstellar: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album compliments the 2014 film 'Interstellar' directed by Christopher Nolan remains tremendously popular several years after its initial release. The film score is composed by Hans Zimmer, who previously scored Nolan's 'Dark Knight' film trilogy and 'Inception'.

Pulsing with slow-building rhythms, subtle strings, tinkling pianos, and echoing pipe organ, Zimmer's Interstellar score takes a decidedly atmospheric bend. It contains classic sci-fi themes of wonder and enchantment befitting a tale that pits mankind against the great unknown.

The film depicts a crew of astronauts forced to travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humankind after the Earth regresses into a failing agrarian society after a blight infects the crops.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Music On Vinyl / Watertower Records for their 'At The Movies' campaign. Includes 4 page booklet. Gatefold sleeve. Deluxe PVC outer-jacket.

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