Harry Nilsson - Schmilsson


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Hiring Streisand producer Richard Perry as a collaborator, Nilsson set out to make a slightly domesticated, unashamed set of mature pop/rock songs - but with a twist. Schmilsson is a delightfully odd affair that begins by pining for reckless youth, then segues into a snapshot of suburban disconnectedness before winding through covers of old R&B tunes, druggie humor, and surging hard rock. In short, it's a near-perfect summary of everything Nilsson could do; he could be craftier, and he could be stranger, but never did he achieve the perfect balance that he did with Schmilsson.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by RCA Legacy in 2017.


1. Gotta Get Up
2. Driving Along
3. Early In The Morning
4. The Moonbeam Song
5. Down
6. Without You
7. Coconut
8. Let The Good Times Roll
9. Jump Into The Fire
10. I'll Never Leave You

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