Hatchie - Giving Away The World (Exclusive Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)


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Giving The World Away, the sophomore album from Hatchie, is the truest introduction to the songwriter/ bassist at the helm of the project, Harriette Pilbeam. Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, Giving The World Away is Hatchie's most thunderous, sprawling work yet. It features the singles "This Enchanted", "Quicksand" and "Giving Away The World".

The new album features input from longtime Hatchie collaborator Joe Agius, it takes the celestial, shimmering shoegaze and pop sensibilities of her earlier releases, but with the volume knob cranked up tenfold. Built out with percussion from Beach House drummer James Barone, it's synthed-out, sonic opulence, a more structured and ornate musicality with traces of 1990s trip-hop and acid house influences.

Giving the World Away is an album about self-confidence, about the strange time in young adulthood where you begin to finally be able to see yourself clearly.

Exclusive COKE BOTTLE CLEAR vinyl produced by Secretly Canadian in 2022. Includes download card.

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