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Versions of Modern Performance, is the debut album from Chicago trio Horsegirl. Penelope Lowenstein (guitar, vocals), Nora Cheng (guitar, vocals), and Gigi Reece (drums) - the best friends comprising Horsegirl - do everything collectively, from songwriting to trading vocal duties and swapping instruments to sound and visual art design. Across the record, Horsegirl expertly play with texture, shape and shade, showcasing their fondness for improvisation and experimentation.

The warmth and strength of their bond crackles through every second of their debut. With lyrics intentionally impressionistic and open-ended, and a sound that ranges with joy and enthusiasm across a range of styles, Versions of Modern Performance offers many pathways. Highlights include "Anti-glory", "Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)" and "World of Pots and Pans".

Exclusive PURPLE vinyl produced by Matador Records in 2022.


1. Electrolocation 1
2. Anti-glory
3. Beautiful Song
4. Live and Ski
5. Bog Bog 2
6. Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)
7. The Fall of Horsegirl
8. Option 8
9. World of Pots and Pans
10. The Guitar Is Dead 3
11. Homage to Birdnoculars
12. Billy

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