Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days


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Miami’s Sam Beam makes music under the name Iron & Wine and September, 2002 saw the release of his debut album, The Creek Drank the Cradle. He returned with his sophomore album Our Endless Numbered Days in 2004. On it, Sam is aided and abetted by regular touring and recording conspirators: his sister Sarah Beam, Patrick McKinney, Jeff McGriff, EJ Holowicki, and Jonathon Bradley.

Listening to Our Endless Numbered Days makes plain Sam's deft touch with words and melody; one that allows him to turn out stories about love, loss, faith, or the lack of it that are at once personal and universal, set to music that is sweetly haunting and timeless. Highlights include "Naked as We Came", "Each Coming Night", "Sunset Soon Forgotten" and "Cinder and Smoke". 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Sup Pop Records in 2024.


  1. On Your Wings
  2. Naked As We Came
  3. Cinder And Smoke
  4. Sunset Soon Forgotten
  5. Teeth In The Grass
  6. Love And Some Verses
  7. Radio War
  8. Each Coming Night
  9. Free Until They Cut Me Down
  10. Fever Dream
  11. Sodom, South Georgia
  12. Passing Afternoon
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