Iron & Wine - Lori EP (Sky Blue Vinyl)

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Lori finds Iron & Wine's Sam Beam drawing from the songbook of noted singer-songwriter and multiple Grammy winner Lori McKenna. Recorded at the famed Sam Phillips Studios in Memphis with producer Matt Ross-Spang, Beam takes on four of his favorite McKenna tracks with help from Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart, known collectively for their work in the indie-art-pop band Finom (formerly known as Ohmme).

Cunningham and Stewart bring their own touches to Lori and helped Beam find even further depths to McKenna's songwriting. Together the trio sonically re-interpreted her plaintive odes into a tapestry of sounds - effortlessly blending their signature singing styles and breathing fresh life into the lyrics.

Limited Edition SKY BLUE vinyl produced by Black Cricket Recording Co. in 2023. Only 2000 copies worldwide.

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