Janet Jackson - Discipline

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Janet Jackson returned in 2008 with her tenth studio album Discipline. The album features the singles "Feedback", "Rock With U", "Luv" and "Can't B Good".

The album was titled Discipline as an acknowledgment of Jackson's commitment, focus, and dedication to her career. Jackson stated: "I wanted to name the album Discipline because it has a lot of different meanings for me, but the most important would be work — to have done this for as long as I have and to have had the success that I've had — not excluding God by any means — but it takes a great deal of focus."

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Island Records in 2008.


A1. I.D. (Interlude)
A2. Feedback
A4. Spinnin (Interlude)
A5. Rollercoaster
B1. Bathroom Break (Interlude)
B2. Rock With U
B3. 2nite
B4. Can't B Good
B5. 4 Words (Interlude)
B6. Never Letchu Go
C1. Truth Or Dare (Interlude)
C2. Greatest X
C3. Good Morning Janet (Interlude)
C4. So Much Betta
C5. Play Selection (Interlude)
C6. The 1
D1. What's Ur Name
D2. The Meaning (Interlude)
D3. Discipline
D4. Back (Interlude)
D5. Curtains

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