Jefferson Airplane - The Worst of Jefferson Airplane

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Originally released in 1970, The Worst of Jefferson Airplane features 15 of the most popular singles from Jefferson Airplane.

The sixties were a turbulent time in America as its disenfranchised youth looked to their musical heroes for many of its compelling questions. The Jefferson Airplane with Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen, Marty Balin, Skip Spence and Spencer Dryden provided their fans the answers with heavy guitars, powerful vocals and time honored classic sixties anthems like "Somebody To Love", "White Rabbit", and "Volunteers".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by RCA Records in 2021. Newly remastered from the original analog tapes. Gatefold sleeve.


Side One:
1. It's No Secret (1966)
2. Blues From An Airplane (1966)
3. Somebody To Love (1967)
4. Today (1967)
5. White Rabbit (1967)
6. Embryonic Journey (1967)
7. Martha (1967)
8. The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil (1967)

Side Two:
1. Crown of Creation (1968)
2. Chushingura (1968)
3. Lather (1968)
4. Plastic Fantastic Lover (1969)
5. Good Shepherd (1969)
6. We Can Be Together (1969)
7. Volunteers (1969)

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