Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me... Then (20th Anniversary)

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This Is Me... Then was originally released November 2002 and includes smash hits like "Jenny From The Block" and "All I Have" (Ft. LL Cool J). Jennifer has cited This Is Me... Then as her favorite album she's created so far, and it's also known among her fans as the "Bennifer" album. This record helped to solidify Jennifer's career as a pop superstar and continues to resonate with fans across the globe today.

20th Anniversary vinyl edition produced by Epic Records in 2022.


1. Still
2. Loving You
3. I'm Glad
4. The One
5. Dear Ben
6. All I Have
7. Jenny From The Block
8. Again
9. You Belong To Me
10. I've Been Thinkin'
11. Baby I Love U!
12. The One (Version 2)

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