John Coltrane - Giant Steps (Stereo Mix)


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Consistently lauded in music history, Giant Steps was inducted into the GRAMMY Hall of Fame in 2001 and remains one of best selling jazz albums of all time. It represents the time when John Coltrane was moving away from the life of a sideman and embracing the role of bandleader.

Giant Steps was recorded in 1959 at Atlantic Studios in New York City. The album features Coltrane on tenor saxophone, Paul Chambers on double bass, Tommy Flanagan on piano, and Art Taylor on drums on all songs except for “Naima,” which features Jimmy Cobb on drums and Wynton Kelly on piano. It’s extraordinary to note that Coltrane began principal recording sessions for Giant Steps less than two weeks after finishing his work with Miles Davis on Kind of Blue, which became the best-selling jazz album in history. 

Considered a landmark in modern jazz improvisation, Giant Steps earned a rare honor in 2004 when the album was selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in the National Recording Registry. It is well known for Coltrane’s exploration into third-related chord movements, which are now known as ‘Coltrane changes.’ Several compositions on the album have become jazz standards, including the ballad “Naima” (named for his wife) and the title track.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2020. Stereo Mix. Remastered from the original source tapes.



1. Giant Steps
2. Cousin Mary
3. Countdown
4. Spiral


1. Syeeda's Song Flute
2. Naima
3. Mr. P.C.

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