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Canadian duo Junior Boys will release their sixth album, Waiting Game, on City Slang. Six years since their last album, 2016’s Big Black Coat. Waiting Game finds producers Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus in a tender and contemplative mood; a switch-up from their punchy, R&B-infused dance melodics.

The album’s additonal musicians are Canadians, too; Caribou collaborator Colin Fisher performs saxophone throughout and Bonjay frontwoman Alanna Stuart sings alongside Greenspan on the song “Yes 2”.

In this, Junior Boys have made an album that reflects the quiet beauty of the world, so long as you’re prepared to truly listen.

Exclusive limited WHITE vinyl produced by City Slang in 2022.


1. Must Be All the Wrong Things
2. Night Walk
3. It Never Occurred to Me
4. Thinking About You Calms Me Down
5. Yes II
6. Dum Audio
7. Fidget
8. Samba On Sama
9. Waiting Game


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