Just Mustard - Heart Under (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)

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Since the release of their debut album Wednesday in 2018, Dundalk five-piece Just Mustard have been gradually shifting their sound towards something decidedly less shoegazy.  On their sophomore album Heart Under, they call upon the spooky, post-industrial realm of 80's British band Cranes, and the veiled drama of Warpaint's self-titled LP. Add a helping of mid 2000's Depeche Mode, and you've got the essence of Heart Under.

The group are constantly stretching their instruments to new levels, sounding like everything from wailing sirens ("23") to techno synths ("Seed"), while often providing watery, ambient beauty ("Mirrors"). It contrasts beautifully with the warm melodies of Rob Clarke’s basslines and Katie Ball’s deeply atmospheric vocals.

Exclusive TRANSLUCENT BLUE vinyl produced by Partisan Records in 2022. 

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