Kelela - Take Me Apart (Deluxe Edition) [Clear Vinyl]

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Take Me Apart is the debut studio album by Ethiopian-American musician Kelela. Like Björk did in her early solo days, 'Take Me Apart' provides a template for how to innovate pop, incorporating a melange of sonic influences and writing collaborators (the xx’s Romy Madley Croft, Brazilian Girls’ Sabina Sciubba, and Nguzunguzu’s Asma Maroof) while remaining divorced from the endless industry zeitgeist of big-name algorithm producers.

What makes Take Me Apart so stunning is its meticulous attention to detail, with new layers revealing themselves on the third or 37th listen. Highlights include the singles "LMK," "Blue Light," "Waitin," and "Frontline."

Exclusive TRANSPARENT CLEAR double vinyl produced by Warp Records in 2017. Gatefold sleeve with poster, lyric book and download.

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