Kelsea Ballerini - Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (Duo) [Sunrise Half Vinyl]

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Kelsea Ballerini once again follows one of contemporary music’s most in-the-moment muses and releases Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (Duo). This vinyl release includes Rolling Up The Welcome Mat EP and Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good) EP. The intimate six song EPs are a handful of postcards and polaroids from the life of the young woman who’s captivated music lovers since the chart-topping "Love Me Like You Mean It." To accompany the music, Ballerini wrote and directed, alongside co-director Patrick Tracy, a short film that creates a deeper tableau and sense of the emotions that went into Rolling Up The Welcome Mat. Filmed in a white, minimalist environment, the film leaves room for viewers to see their own lives, even as it provides an even deeper look into the songwriter’s own emotional journey. Easily her most intimate work yet, Ballerini delivers a very lean, vocal forward set of songs that measures the most personal aspects of her last few years. 

Limited Edition 7AM SMOKY SUNRISE HALF & HALF vinyl produced by Black River Records in 2024. Gatefold sleeve. Includes double-sided short film poster fold-out.


1. Mountain With A View
2. Just Married
3. Penthouse
4. Interlude
5. Blindsided
6. Leave Me Again
7. Mountain With A View
8. Just Married
9. Penthouse (Healed Version)
10. Interlude (Full Length)
11. Blindsided (Yeah, Sure, Okay)
12. Leave Me Again
13. How Do I Do This

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