Kenny Beats - Louie (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)

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  • These copies arrive February 3rd, 2023

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Kenny Beats presents his debut solo album, Louie, which features the singles "Hold My Head", "Last Words", "Family Tree" and "Rotten". Though best known for producing seminal albums for some of the world's most exciting artists (Vince Staples, IDLES, dvr, Rico Nasty), on Louie Kenny subverts expectations with an almost entirely instrumental record that acts as a deeply personal tribute to his ailing father. Over all 17 songs, Louie is a hypnotic odyssey of wounded, teardrop soul; a side of Kenny that has not been seen by the world before.

Exclusive SKY BLUE vinyl produced by XL Recordings in 2023.


  1. Leonard 
  2. Parenthesis 
  3. Hold My Head 
  4. So They Say 
  5. Family Tree 
  6. Hooper 
  7. Still 
  8. Moire 
  9. Get Around 
  10. Eternal 
  11. Last Words 
  12. Drop 10 
  13. The Perch 
  14. Really Really 
  15. That Third Thing 
  16. Rotten 
  17. Hot Hand
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