Khruangbin / Leon Bridges - Texas Moon EP


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Khruangbin and Leon Bridges, two acts boldly leading Texas music into the future deliver a second chapter of their groundbreaking collaboration, further extending the region's sonic possibilities. Texas Moon features the singles "B-Side" and "Chocolate Hills".

Singer/songwriter Leon Bridges, from Fort Worth, and trailblazing Houston trio Khruangbin have joined forces for the Texas Moon EP, a follow-up to 2020's acclaimed Texas Sun project. While the five new songs are clearly a continuation of the first EP, they also have an identity all their own. Bridges calls it "more introspective", while Khruangbin bassist Laura Lee says it "feels more night time".

Texas Moon is a set of songs that touch on themes like love, faith, and death while exploring new dimensions of inventive, hypnotic grooves. The release represents a genuine and rare achievement, with two of the most respected and innovative acts of their generation truly collaborating to create something new.

BLACK vinyl edition produced by Dead Oceans in 2022.

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