Lauv - I Met You When I Was 18. (Royal Blue Vinyl)

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I Met You When I Was 18. is the debut compilation album by singer/songwriter Lauv, originally released in 2018. Described by Lauv as a "playlist," the album features the song "I Like Me Better". 

"I met you when I was 18. is a collection of songs, a story. About moving to New York City when I was 18 and falling in love for the first time," Lauv shared in a press statement. "A story about trying to figure out your own identity whilst being deeply intertwined with someone else's. It's a story that, since I released my first song 'The Other' in 2015, has been told a bit out of order. In pieces, in fragments & in moments reminisced, but now here it is, in it's entirety: I met you when I was 18. not an album, but a body of work nonetheless. I hope you enjoy."

Limited Edition ROYAL BLUE vinyl produced by AWAL Recordings in 2023.


1. I Like Me Better
2. Paris in the Rain
3. Comfortable
4. Paranoid
5. The Other
6. Reforget
7. The Story Never Ends
8. Enemies
9. Come Back Home
10. Question
11. Easy Love
12. Adrenaline
13. Chasing Fire
14. Breathe
15. Bracelet
16. Getting Over You
17. Never Not

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