Loren Kramar - Glovemaker (Red Vinyl)


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Loren Kramar's debut album celebrates and explores the relationship between queerness, fame, and the desire to be seen. Glovemaker is about the skins we craft to be seen by the world, and Loren reminds us that we are all in drag. All exposed. No matter what gloves we slip on. This is a songwriter's album. Loren's lyrics are all his, and you feel it with every bright, Maraschino-cherry-like word that falls from his lips. Part poet, part theatrical diva, Loren loops together the tragedy of breathing on this planet.

Heavyweight OPAQUE RED vinyl produced by Secretly Canadian Records in 2024.


  1. Hollywood Blvd
  2. Euphemism
  3. I'm a Slut
  4. Like a Lover
  5. Gay Angels
  6. Glovemaker
  7. Birthday Thursday
  8. Whatever Happens
  9. 15 Years
  10. Oh To Be
  11. No Man
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