Lou Canon - Automatic Body

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Audomatic Body, opens with “The Chorus.” Mimicking the dramatic mechanism of the same name, it features most of the voices that will later be heard on the record, and starts to sketch out motifs that will resurface throughout the nine songs that follow. “Reimagine the body,” a breathy croon echoes in the first line. “Slow down the pleasure, no protest in desire,” the modern-day chorus continues. "The Chorus" is an introduction to a collection of songs reflecting on the evolving nature of relationships; the struggle to stay together, the wax and wane of passion, the ways that sensuality can change as years go by, an ode to the human experience. 

Audomatic Body belongs on its very own plane. Its swampy waters filled with electric eels, where natural and synthetic vibrations coalesce beneath Canon’s delicately distorted, sometimes almost-whispered vocals. Flashes of intimacy, imagination, loss and rejuvenation punctuate the entrancing set of songs — just as the voices in “The Chorus” foretold. 

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