Luke Combs - Gettin' Old

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Just nine months after his 3x Grammy-nominated record Growin' Up was released, reigning CMA 'Entertainer of the Year' Luke Combs is back in 2023 with a new companion album, Gettin' Old. It includes the singles "Fast Car", "Love You Anyway", "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old", "Joe" and "5 Leaf Clover". 

Across these eighteen new tracks, Combs continues to establish himself as one of music's most authentic and powerful voices, as he reaches new lyrical depths exploring themes of family, legacy, love and personal growth.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Columbia Records in 2023.


1. Growin' Up and Gettin' Old
2. Hannah Ford Road
3. Back 40 Back
4. You Found Yours
5. The Beer, The Band, and The Barstool
6. Still
7. See Me Now
8. Joe
9. A Song Was Born
10. My Song Will Never Die
11. Where the Wild Things Are
12. Love You Anyway
13. Take You With Me
14. Fast Car
15. Tattoo on a Sunburn
16. 5 Leaf Clover
17. Fox in the Henhouse
18. The Part

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