Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (10th Anniversary)

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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Lykke Li's critically acclaimed album Wounded Rhymes. The 2011 record features the singles ‘’I Follow Rivers’’ and ‘’Get Some’. This expanded edition includes remixes from Magician and Tyler, The Creator, plus demos and more.

10th Anniversary Edition. Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Warner Music UK. Deluxe packaging including slipcase, gatefold sleeve and inner-sleeves with printed lyrics.


side a

1 - youth knows no pain

2 - i follow rivers

3 - love out of lust

4 - unrequited love

5 - get some

side b

1 - rich kids blues

2 - sadness is a blessing

3 - i know places

4 - jerome

5 - silent my song

side c

1 - youth knows no pain (the lost sessions full version)

2 - jerome (the lost sessions)

3 - i follow rivers (the lost sessions)

side d

1 - i follow rivers (the magician remix)

2 - i follow rivers (tyler, the creator remix)

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