Melanie C - Northern Star (Orange Vinyl)


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Northern Star is the debut studio album by Melanie C, originally released in 1999. The album combines pop with elements of rock, dance, electronica and R&B, which contrasted with the sound of Chisholm's group the Spice Girls. It is the highest selling solo album released by any of the Spice Girls.  The album features the singles "Goin' Down", "Northern Star", "Never Be The Same Again", "I Turn To You" and "If That Were Me."

Limited Edition ORANGE double vinyl produced by Virgin Records in 2023. Gatefold sleeve. 


1. Go!
2. Northern Star
3. Goin' Down
4. I Turn To You
5. If That Were Me
6. Never Be The Same Again
7. Why
8. Suddenly Monday
9. Ga Ga
10. Be The One
11. Closer
12. Feel the Sun
13. Never Be The Same Again (Single Mix)
14. I Turn To You (Hex Hector Radio Mix)
15. Follow Me


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