Men At Work - Business As Usual (Music On Vinyl)

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Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of 'Business As Usual', the debut album from Australia's Men At Work. The record features the singles "Down Under" and "Who Can It Be Now?". Men at Work, a quirky bunch led by a Scottish-born vocalist whose humor, style, and distinguished singing helped the quintet become one of the 1980s definitive new-wave acts.

Heavyweight audiophile vinyl produced by Music On Vinyl for Columbia Records in 2017. This edition features the original Australian album artwork.


1. Who Can It Be Now?
2. I Can See It In Your Eyes
3. Down Under
4. Underground
5. Helpless Automation
6. People Just Love To Play With Words
7. Be Good Johnny
8. Touching The Untouchables
9. Catch A Star
10. Down By The Sea

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