Meters - A Message From The Meters (Singles 1968-1977) [3LP]

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The Meters defined New Orleans funk, not only on their own recordings, but also as the backing band for numerous artists, including many produced by Allen Toussaint. Where the funk of Sly Stone and James Brown was wild, careening, and determinedly urban, The Meters were down-home and earthy.

Nearly all of their own recordings were instrumentals, putting the emphasis on the organic and complex rhythms. The syncopated, layered percussion intertwined with the gritty grooves of the guitar and organ, creating a distinctive sound that earned a small, devoted cult during the '70s, including musicians like Paul McCartney and Robert Palmer, both of whom used the group as a backing band for recording. Despite their reputation as an extraordinary live band, The Meters never broke into the mainstream, but their sound provided the basis for much of the funk and hip-hop of the '80s and '90s.

This 3-LP, 40-track collection presents the A and B-side of every single that organist Art Neville, guitarist Leo Nocentelli, bassist George Porter, Jr., and drummer Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste cut for the Josie, Reprise & Warner Bros. label, virtually their entire singles output (all but two co-produced by the late, great Allen Toussaint) save for a few odds 'n' ends issued mostly overseas.

Fans not only get every hit along with its hard-to-find B-side but also the rare single mixes, including the especially rare original mono single mixes of the 1968-1971 Josie sides, very few of which have appeared on vinyl since their original 45 release (the first three LP sides are all mono; the last three, featuring the later Reprise and Warner Bros. singles, presents all stereo single mixes).

These songs represent the mother lode of New Orleans funk, classic tracks like "Sophisticated Cissy," "Cissy Strut," "Look-Ka Py Py," "Chicken Strut," "Hand Clapping Song," "Hey Pocky A-Way" and more.

Limited Edition TRIPLE vinyl set produced by Real Gone Music and Rhino Records in 2022. Remastered by Michner at SonicVision from the original tapes for all but five of these single sides.


  1. Sophisticated Cissy
  2. Sehorns Farms
  3. Cissy Strut
  4. Here Comes the Meter Man
  5. Ease Back
  6. Ann
  7. Dry Spell
  8. Little Old Money Maker
  9. Look-Ka Py Py
  10. This Is My Last Affair
  11. Chicken Strut
  12. Hey! Last Minute
  13. Hand Clapping Song
  14. Joog


  1. A Message from the Meters
  2. Zony Mash
  3. Stretch Your Rubber Band
  4. Groovy Lady (The World Is a Bit Under the Weather)
  5. Doodle-Oop
  6. I Need More Time
  7. Good Old Funky Music
  8. Sassy Lady
  9. Do the Dirt
  10. Smiling
  11. Cabbage Alley
  12. The Flower Song
  13. Chug-Chug-Chug-A-Lug (Push 'n' Shove) Part I
  14. Chug-Chug-Chug-A-Lug (Push 'n' Shove) Part II


  1. Hey Pocky A-Way
  2. Africa
  3. People Say
  4. Loving You Is On My Mind
  5. They All Ask'd for You
  6. Running Fast (Long Version)
  7. Disco Is the Thing Today
  8. Mister Moon
  9. Trick Bag
  10. Find Yourself
  11. Be My Lady
  12. No More Okey Doke
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