Mulatu Astatke - New York-Addis-London (The Story Of Ethio Jazz 65-75)

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Mulatu Astatke is one of the all-time greats of Ethiopian music and the creator of Ethio jazz - a unique sound that fused Western jazz with traditional Ethiopian melodies. Now, Strut proudly presents New York-Addis-London: The Story Of Ethio Jazz, a career retrospective covering the vibraphone/keyboard player/arranger/bandleader's landmark '60s and '70s recordings.

This album traces the progression of his Ethio jazz experiments with full access to all of the labels for whom he recorded. Covering his first recordings in the UK during 1965, his groundbreaking fusions for the small 'Worthy' label in New York and his key '70s recordings back in Addis on AMHA, PHILLIPS and AXUM, the album features comprehensive sleeve notes by MILES CLERET, boss of the excellent SOUNDWAY RECORDS imprint, and rare, previously unseen photos from Mulatu's personal archive. 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Strut Records in 2024.


  1. Y K Rmo S w
  2. I Faram Gami I Faram
  3. Shagu
  4. Mulatu
  5. Fikratchin
  6. Y Gell Tezeta
  7. Asiyo Bellema
  8. Emnete
  9. Lanchi Biye
  10. Yefikir Tizita
  11. Y Katit
  12. Ebo Lala
  13. Wubit
  14. D w L
  15. Mascaram Setaba
  16. Girl from Addis Ababa
  17. Kasal Fkut Hulu
  18. N Tsan T
  19. En Alantchie Alnorem
  20. Tezeta
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