NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo

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Heavy Petting Zoo (known as Eating Lamb on the LP version) is the sixth studio album by the American punk rockers, NOFX. The album was originally released in 1996 through Epitaph Records. Featuring the songs "Freedom Lika Shopping Cart", "Hot Dog In A Hallway", and "What's The Matter With Kids Today?"

"We recorded this with Ryan Greene up in San Francisco at Razors Edge. A total dive. It was actually just an apartment with a studio in the garage, but it was cool. Weird record. I thought it was the coolest record when we finished it, but a few months later I wasn't so sure. Some of those songs are kinda weird. I like the cover a lot though. I think it sold well in Belgium." - NOFX

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Epitaph Records.

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