NZCA Lines - Pure Luxury (Exclusive Hot Pink Vinyl)

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NZCA LINES, the Pitchfork, Guardian, BBC 6 Music and NPR-tipped project of producer and multi-instrumentalist, Michael Lovett returns with his new album Pure Luxury.

Written and produced almost entirely by Lovett, the album also features a wide range of collaborators. Pure Luxury revels in both the insular – the sound of one man processing anxiety-inducing world events - and the communal. It is a record of diverse styles, voices and textures, expanding the musical universe of Lovett’s previous albums whilst cementing his own playful voice with an inescapable sense of joy and excitement. Indeed, perhaps that’s what we need most when the world seems to be falling apart. Tomorrow might be scaring the hell out of us, but, as Lovett reminds us on the album’s closing track, “Tonight is all that really matters, as long as we keep dancing”.

Exclusive HOT PINK vinyl pressed by Memphis Industries. Includes download card.

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