Poolside - Blame It All On Love (Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)


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Poolside, the recording project of Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Paradise returns with a new studio album Blame It All On Love. Classic pop songwriting structure, hooks and grooves lend themselves to the classic ‘daytime disco’ sound Poolside is known best for.

The retro-drenched lofi track "Float Away" finds Poolside teaming with Minnesotan alternative/indie dream pop act Vansire. Other highlights include "Back To Life" and "Each Night".

Exclusive YELLOW vinyl produced by Counter Records in 2023.


1. Ride With You (featuring Ben Browning)
2. Float Away (featuring Vansire)
3. Back To Life (featuring Panama)

4. Moonlight

5. Where Is The Thunder? (featuring Ora The Molecule)
6. Each Night (featuring Mazy)
7. We Could Be Falling In Love
8. Ventura Highway Blues (featuring Life on Planets) 
9. Hold On To You (featuring slenderbodies)
10. Sea Of Dreams (featuring Ben Browning)
11. Lonely Night (featuring MUNYA)

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