PUP- PUP(5th Anniversary Picture Disc)

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The self-titled debut album from Toronto's PUP. It's loud, fast, angry, angsty, awesome!

One night in 2012, four Canadian twentysomethings decided to quit their day jobs, get completely hammered at a local watering hole, and focus on their band full-time. Then called Topanga, after the iconic Boy Meets World heartthrob, they honed their uproarious, snotty, infectious brand of booze-fueled punk rock through house shows and clubs in their hometown of Toronto.

Later on, after Disney announced the forthcoming Girl Meets World spin-off, the quartet had to regroup and change their name, writing in a Tumblr post, “Ultimately, the corporate gutting of our teenage love AND her name, Topanga, won’t stop us.” They continued: “Fuck Disney, and fuck Topanga. WE ARE PUP.” The new moniker, an acronym for Pathetic Use of Potential, came from a concerned letter from frontman Stefan Babcock’s grandma about his decision to be in a rock band.

Limited Edition PICTURE DISC vinyl produced by Royal Mountain Records in 2019 to celebrate the album's 5th Anniversary. Gatefold sleeve.


  1. Guilt Trip
  2. Reservoir
  3. Mabu
  4. Never Try
  5. Yukon
  6. Dark Days
  7. Lionheart
  8. Cul-De-Sac
  9. Back Against The Wall
  10. Factories 
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