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In 2007, Radiohead's seventh album In Rainbows fundamentally changed the way albums were released.

In Rainbows, as a title, implies a sense of comfort and delightfulness. Symbolically, rainbows are more likely to be associated with kittens and warm blankets than the grim and glum circumstances Radiohead is known for soundtracking.

There's a slight, if expected, twist at play. The band is more than familiar with the unpleasant moods associated with colours like red, green, and blue all of which, of course, help make  a rainbow, all of which are present, and even mentioned, during the album. On a couple levels, then, In Rainbows is not any less fitting as a Radiohead album title than "Myxomatosis" is as a Radiohead song title.

The album is very song-oriented, with each track constantly moving forward and developing, yet there are abstract electronic layers and studio-as-instrument elements to prevent it from sounding like a regression. 

Featuring the singles: "Jigsaw Falling into Place", "Nude", "House of Cards", "Bodysnatchers" and "All I Need".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by XL Recordings.

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