Ray Charles - A Message From The People (50th Anniversary)

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Originally released in 1972, A Message From The People remains one of Charles' most celebrated albums, as well as the most socially-conscious work of his six decade career. The record directly confronts societal ills of poverty and injustice while offering a universal message of brotherhood and hope for peace; topics that are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago.

The album includes such classic tracks as "They'll Be No Peace On Earth Without All Men As One", "Abraham, Martin and John" and the Gospel infused "Lift Every Voice and Sing" and "Heaven Help Us All". The album also includes Ray's recording of "Hey Mister," which was played during a Congressional joint hearing in 1972 to speak on behalf of common citizens to a government that was widely seen as ignoring their needs. Perhaps the most impactful track on this album though is Ray's iconic version of "America the Beautiful", which quickly became our second National Anthem and has inspired countless generations since it's release 50 years ago.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Tangerine Records in 2022 in celebration of the album's 50th Anniversary.


  1. Lift Every Voice and Sing
  2. Like I Gotta Do Wrong
  3. Heaven Help Us All
  4. There'll Be No Peace Without All Men As One
  5. Hey Mister
  6. What Have They Done to My Song, Ma
  7. Abraham, Martin and John
  8. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  9. Every Saturday Night
  10. America the Beautiful
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