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Ryan Adams' Prisoner is a stunning scrapbook that captures heartbreak in an intimate array of snapshots. A modern day break up record that pulls on listeners emotions.

Musicians face many barriers to long careers, from shifting commercial whims to a cruel industry. One obstacle that doesn't get discussed often enough is the simple aging process: If you get famous for songs you wrote as a 20-year-old, then you often have to either remain in a state of arrested development or find a way to get the public to grow — and grow up — with you.

Ryan Adams, for the most part, has chosen the latter path. Sure, he's taken a handful of expectation-defying left turns — like his occasional forays into metal and hardcore punk, or his album of Taylor Swift covers a couple years back. But for the most part, his records have mirrored his life in profound ways.

Heavyweight vinyl pressed by Blue Note Records.

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