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Serpentwithfeet is not only imagining, but exploring a world where in queer love is paramount. His new album, Deacon, delves into Black, gay love and the tenderness present in the best companionships, romantic or otherwise. Fully self-actualized and more devoted than ever to personal fulfillment, Deacon highlights his growth as a songwriter, which he credits to taking a more straightforward approach to expression. Spending time with pop songwriters and observing how they traverse language encouraged serpent to take more risks lyrically, resulting in more purity.

Raised by religious parents in Baltimore, serpent's flair for theatrical themes and gospel sensibilities can be traced to the Black church, a place where the artist had his earliest experiences with glamour and the ornate. Well-executed vocal flourishes and the implementation of a quickening vibrato are just a few of the skills he picked up during his time in a Pentecostal choir.

Gorgeous, sexy and constantly surprising, ‘Deacon’ is the most wonderful and rewarding glimpse into Josiah Wise’s mind we’ve had the privilege to receive. Only if that falling in love were always as beautiful and uncomplicated as serpentwithfeet makes it feel.

Deacon features the singles "Fellowship", "Same Size Shoe" and "Heart Storm".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Secretly Canadian in 2021.

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