Shawn Mendes - Illuminate

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Shawn Mendes highly-anticipated sophomore album, "Illuminate" features the smash singles "Treat You Better", "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" and "Mercy".

Like many others, Shawn Mendes followed the blueprint for success: post a couple covers up online and let the Internet work its magic. Hailing from the now extinct Vine, a platform that walked so Tik Tok could run, Mendes knew his audience right from the jump. In an instant, millions of people around the world could see the Canadian star playing his guitar in his bedroom; and although it was only for six seconds at a time, that was all he needed. Six seconds of a high note, six seconds of a familiar chorus. Six seconds to know that this kid was a serious star. With a successful debut already under his belt (Handwritten) and legions of Vine-followers-turned-fans, the anticipation for the follow-up album was massive. 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Island Records in 2016.

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