Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia

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The Pharcyde released Labcabincalifornia in 1995, it was a coming-of-age album that transitioned the group from boys to men. It was a complete 180-degree approach from what they went with Bizarre Ride, becoming more introspective and darker in their tone.

The album's sound was help anchored by a burgeoning producer and DJ from Detroit named J. Dilla better known back then as Jay Dee. Developing a name with his group Slum Village, he proceeded to handle much of the production of Labcabincalifornia. There he gave it a sonic backdrop that complemented the dexterity and songwriting of the crew, in particular, Slimkid3 and Imani.

Labcabincalifornia features the singles "Drop", "Runnin'" and "She Said".

Heavyweight audiophile vinyl produced by Craft Recordings in 2018. Lacquers were cut at Eylsian Masters, supervision by Dave Cooley. Gatefold sleeve.

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