Stone Roses - The Stone Roses (25th Anniversary) [Vinyl]

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Meshing simple, exceedingly catchy hooks with rhythmic beats, The Stones Roses led the UK's so-called Madchester scene straight into the U.S. with their eponymous debut. The Stone Roses achieved one of the most successful fusions of classic pop songwriting and acid house culture, and managed to snare fans from both genres.

By the end of 1989, their debut album landed on many Top Ten lists for that year. Though the band never realized the same triumphs on their second and final album, repercussions of their debut album's classic pop songwriting and bright riffs could be heard well into the next decade and beyond.

The Stones Roses features the singles "Elephant Stone", "Made of Stone", "She Bangs the Drums" and "I Wanna Be Adored."

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Silvertone Records in 2014. Embossed outer-sleeve replicating the original UK release.

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