War On Drugs - Wagonwheel Blues (Exclusive Opaque Blue Vinyl)

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The War on Drugs make excellent road-trip music. As its title implies, the Philly quintet's debut, Wagonwheel Blues, is Americana reimagined as blacktop and yellow lines, rubber tires, and overpriced gasoline. The album urges you along the interstate, but never burdens you with the stigma of roots music or reached-for authenticity.

On Wagonwheel Blues, their debut album, The War on Drugs' approach comes across as not only natural, but imminently worthwhile, as if these revered sources needed to be roughed up a bit to sound new. 

To celebrate Secretly Canadian's 25th anniversary, proceeds from this pressing will go to New Hope For Families, an organization that provides housing and other services to families experiencing homelessness in the label's hometown of Bloomington, Indiana.

Exclusive OPAQUE BLUE vinyl produced by Secretly Canadian. Includes download card.

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