War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

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The War On Drugs follow up their 2014's breakthrough album Lost In The Dream, with their Atlantic Records debut album A Deeper Understanding. This record features the singles "Pain" and "Holding On". The album's ten tracks drift unhurriedly over a course of more than an hour. Included along the way are a few additional timbres, such as the skittering electronic effects and stucco guitar textures.

The Drugs recorded it as a six-piece with frontman/songwriter Adam Granduciel, bassist Dave Hartley, who's been in the picture since the band’s debut, keyboardist Robbie Bennett, drummer Charlie Hall, and multi-instrumentalists Jon Natchez and Anthony LaMarca, all but the latter of whom contributed to Lost in the Dream. There's no compromising to be found on their major-label debut, the first of a two-record deal that promises complete creative control to Granduciel.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Atlantic Records.Gatefold sleeve. Includes download card.

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