Trixie Mattel - The Blonde & Pink Albums

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Drag Superstar Trixie Mattel returns with her new double record set The Blonde & Pink Albums. It includes the singles "C'Mon Loretta", "Hello Hello" and "This Town", which features Shakey Graves. The record also features Michelle Branch on the track "White Rabbit".

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Producer Entertainment Group Records in 2022.


1. Goner
2. Boyfriend
3. C'mon Loretta
4. Love You In HiFi
5. Hello Hello
6. I Want You To Want Me
7. New Thing
8. White Rabbit (feat. Michelle Branch)
9. Stay The Night
10. Who Love You Baby
11. Girl Of Your Dreams
12. Wake Up
13. This Town (feat. Shakey Graves)
14. Vacation

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