Weyes Blood - Cardamom Times EP (Exclusive Blue Splatter Vinyl)

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Weyes Blood is the project of multi-instrument folk musician Natalie Mering. She recorded the four-song Cardamom Times EP on a reel-to-reel deck in her Rockaway, NY, home studio. The EP sounds like a lush, pristine folk-rock gem rescued from the 1960s.

After an overwhelming response to the fifth anniversary edition of Cardamom Times EP in 2020, Weyes Blood's warm, elegiac early career record manifests once again in 2021 as an indie exclusive edition on transparent light blue vinyl with purple and maroon splatter, only available from the artist and at independent retail worldwide.

The songs of Cardamom Times demonstrate Mering's reverence of devotional music and the avant-garde, channeling the domestic hymns of Sybille Baer through the lens of Baltimore's experimental DIY scene; the minimal, melodic drones of Terry Riley accompanied by the voices of the Sacre Coeur; the confrontational words of Anaïs Nin along with the warm embrace of St. Augustine.

"The Cardamom Times EP sounds like a lush, pristine folk-rock gem rescued from the 1960s. Project leader Natalie Mering sings with a dusky, soulful soprano that draws you into her world as well as into a larger tradition, and her arrangements are at once classic and sneakily innovative." - Pitchfork (October 2015)

Exclusive LIGHT BLUE SPLATTER vinyl produced by Mexican Summer in 2021.

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