Zach Bryan - Summertime Blues EP


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Over the course of the 2022 release Summertime Blues, Zach Bryan sings about working class lifestyle; (the dark and muscular “Quittin’ Time”); paints a bittersweet portrait of a summer night across America on the title track; tells a longing story about the one that got away (“Oklahoma Smokeshow”); and dives deep into the frustrations of a relationship gone sour (the fiery “All The Time”).

Summertime Blues with now 550M global streams to date proves that the once-in-a-lifetime songwriter has a deep well to pull from, and he has been portraying these emotions live on his sold-out Summer 2023 Burn, Burn, Burn Headline Tour. Traveling across North America and having top billing at every major Country/Americana festival, Zach Bryan is forging profound connections with fans thanks to his simple, undiluted, genuine, and captivating music.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Belting Bronco Records in 2023. 


1. Quittin' Time
2. Motorcycle Drive By
3. Summertime Blues
4. Oklahoma Smokeshow
5. Jamie (feat. Charles Wesley Godwin)
6. Twenty So
7. Us Then
8. Matt and Audie
9. All The Time 

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