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7ebra is the project of 25-year-old twin sisters Inez and Ella from Malmö, who grew up playing music together. Inez plays electric guitar and sings, Ella plays a keyboard, organ and Mellotron - whilst manually playing drum samples with her feet - as they both sing haunting harmonies in a way that only twins can. Beautiful but punk, minimalist but epic.

The duo are making big waves already, having toured with Future Islands and The Dandy Warhols as well as slots at festivals such as SXSW, Eurosonic and The Great Escape. Their debut includes the singles "I Have A Lot To Say", "If I Ask Her" and "Lighter Better".

On the debut album Bird Hour, they effortlessly combine their own brand of minimalist indie rock hooks with the unique production stylings of Tore Johansson, known for his work on Franz Ferdinand’s debut album and The Cardigans. 

Exclusive PURPLE vinyl produced by PNKSLM in 2023. 


1. Secretly Bad
2. I Like to Pretend
3. Rude Body
4. If I Ask Her
5. Stripey Horsey
6. Lean
7. I Have A Lot to Say
8. Born to Care
9. Done With The Day
10. Lighter Better
11. Wakey Wakey

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