Tennis - Pollen (Exclusive Green Vinyl)

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Synth-pop Tennis return in 2023 with their new album Pollen. The record includes the singles "One Night With The Valet", "Let's Make A Mistake Tonight" and "Forbidden Doors".

Complete with ten tracks that all hold their distinct rhythms, Pollen is as easy and breezy as Tennis have ever been. No longer worried about proving themselves in a crowded indie scene, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore have honed in on what they do best: creating airy, infectious, and groove-tastic pop songs. From start to finish, Pollen is nothing less than a rip-roaring good time.

Exclusive OPAQUE GREEN vinyl produced by Thirty Tigers n 2023. 32-Bit Lossless Lacquer by Sterling Sound. Foil-stamped outersleeve.


  1. Forbidden Doors
  2. Glorietta
  3. Let's Make A Mistake Tonight
  4. One Night With The Valet
  5. Pollen Song
  6. Hotel Valet
  7. Paper
  8. Gibralter
  9. Never Been Wrong
  10. Pillow for a Cloud
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